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About us

D & D Marketing, Inc. DBA T3Leads, was established in 2005 and quickly became one of the largest affiliate networks in the US and UK- mainly focusing on financial sectors. The company’s purpose is to connect affiliates, companies, and individuals that generate leads, to ultimate buyers offering the highest payouts. T3Leads provides a convenient and easy-to-use online portal for advertisers to deliver leads, which are then sold to lenders in real time as they are delivered into the platform. T3Leads not only makes it easier for affiliates to generate leads, but also unifies thousands of affiliates into one platform. Conveniently, this allows buyers to work with one affiliate network instead of thousands of individual affiliates.

T3Leads built the initial platform, and it continues to enhance online software and tools to help affiliates generate high quality leads that are delivered to lenders through secure, reliable servers. T3Leads has the most technologically advanced systems which are constantly being improved by an extremely strong and knowledgeable team of technology engineers and experts. As the most technologically advanced affiliate network, T3Leads also provides a Direct Call program, where consumers can call a phone number provided by T3Leads to its affiliates and reach designated parties that appear to be best for the consumer and the advertiser. The Direct Call program is custom designed and developed by the T3Leads technology team from the ground up, therefore providing the best consumer experience and unmatched revenues per customer acquisition for affiliates.