In a fit of housecleaning, Yahoo announced in April 2013 that they were eliminating some apps to concentrate on developing fewer, better core products.

As Josh Constine of TechCrunch pointed out, “people don’t have the bandwidth for dozens of apps, so best to do a few well.”  He points out something else that Yahoo needs to address (as Facebook recently did with the release of Home.)  Have you ever seen anyone with a Yahoo product on their homescreen?  I have not.

The applications that will be shut down include: Upcoming, Yahoo Deals, Yahoo SMS Alerts, and Yahoo Kids.  Yahoo Mail and Messenger for feature phones (J2ME) and older versions of Yahoo Mail (including Yahoo Mail classic) will also be shut down.

If you have data in any of these programs, follow this link to Yahoo where they provide instructions as what you need to do to save it.

Yahoo is eliminating these products and focusing their attention on Mail and Weather apps that it hopes will find their way to user’s homescreen and lead to frequent usage.