No one liked Vista.  Fact.  It may have been one of the worst decisions Microsoft y ever made.  It was a un-user friendly burden.  Now they’re trying to recover.

One of the ways that Microsoft is doing this is with their new phone, the Windows Phone 8; another smart phone on the market.

What Windows has going for them is user friendliness and familiarity.  Sure Apple is popular, but this popularity is new.  Before Apple, Microsoft had a long time to cultivate a following and a loyal one at that.
The younger generation has moved on to Apple products, including phones, but the audience over age 35 have potentially remained loyal to Microsoft, making them potential consumers for this new phone.

Now on to the details:
The phone will be released in November on different dates depending on the carrier.

Windows 8 has some new features designed for organization of the phone that could potentially be very useful.

The first of these features is entitled “Rooms,” a way to group message and share locations and can be used on other phones as well.

A handy feature for parents is “Kids Corner,” a special section of your phone for your kids where they could play without having access to your personal accounts.

“Data Sense” is a way to use less data by compressing web pages and to track your data usage.

And “SkyDrive” is Microsoft’s version of the cloud.

The phone also has many additional benefits to make it more attractive to consumers such as a year subscription to Pandora already on the phone.

All in all, the phone looks promising with many features that are solutions to real problems.