As most of you know by now, when Windows 8 was introduced in October 2012, they spent a lot of money marketing it; they spent a lot of brain power redesigning the look of its predecessor; and they released it without a start button.

Much of the press was negative.  Actually, many tech people liked Windows 8; most of the bad press came from users who just couldn’t figure out how to operate it.

So at last Microsoft announced that Windows 8 Blue will be released to fix many of the problems that users complained about.  This includes adding a start button and making the “apps easier and more intuitive to use.”

Microsoft admits that the change was too big from the previous operating system.

But we also want to point out one other bit of news that you may find surprising.  We did.  Microsoft has sold 100 million Windows 8 licenses since its release.  That’s way more than we might have believed.  (yes, that’s a big number, but keep in mind that Apple sold over 43 million iPhones in the first quarter alone, so keep the number in perspective.) Windows 8 was used as a reason why PC sales nosedived in the 1st qtr of 2013.  But the truth is that PC sales are not coming back; at least as far as we can see.  That makes it kind of impressive that Windows 8 actually sold as well as it did.