The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) is targeting Jesse Willms for alleged illegal affiliate marketing practices that reportedly helped Willms to net a staggering $467 million.

Willms, who hails from Canada, started his affiliate marketing empire when he was a teen. Still only 24, Willms self-promotes himself as a philanthropist who donates gobs of money to causes such as the Canadian Red Cross, forest fire victims and various youth charities.

So, why is Willms in the FTC's cross hairs?

The FTC action is against Willms, as well as 10 companies he controls. The filing was made May 16, 2011, and it seeks to prevent any further alleged illegal marketing practices and to force Willms to repay customers.

The fraud allegations accuse Willms of deceptively attracting customers through free offers for products such as acai berry weightloss pills, teeth whitener, free credit reports, government grants and a home-based businesses.

Willms' companies are accused of sending spam emails and ads, promoting free trials that only required a minor shipping and handling fee. But, the FTC claims after the consumer's credit card information was obtained, they were often charged for the free trial, plus recurring monthly fees. These types of charges without customer consent are a violation of the Electronic Fund Transfer Act.

In a statement on his website, Willms defended his marketing tactics: "Our companies give consumers the opportunity to buy a variety of products and services at significant savings. Our business is based on the loyalty and longevity of our customer relationships ... This loyalty, in part, is earned through compliant business practices and disclosures that are both clear and conspicuous."