Yes, there are days when our business gets repetitive, but there are also times when it’s really great.  For me, I love the technology part of the job.  I love learning about the technology and imagining how it will impact our lives.
I’ve done some digging around and here’s the T3Leads list of tech to be on the lookout for.  We present them in no particular order; feel free to make up your own order of importance.

1.    The rumored iPhone 5:  Larger screen and suave-ier (I love my use of this non word) design are the physical design reasons we’re looking forward to its rumored release.

2.    Microsoft Surface (to a lesser extent Microsoft 8): At first glance, it looks great and well thought out, but let’s face it, it’s been more than a decade since Microsoft had a hit.  Therefore, I’m in “I’ll believe it when I see it mode.”  I don’t know why, but I’m rooting for them.

3.    The rumored iPad Mini:  Admitted; I’m an Apple guy.  I’m curious to see how they tackle, and if they tackle a seven inch version of the iPad.  My gut tells me that this product doesn’t come out until 2013.  It can’t just be a 7-inch version of a product that already exists, it has to offer improvements.

4.    Samsung Galaxy SIII: Why is it that this screen simply feels twice as big as everyone else?  Expect speed improvements and Android Ice Cream Sandwich 4.0.

These are our top four.  But at least as interesting as the tech itself, I’m looking forward to seeing strong competition in the field and the ensuing battle for superiority between the major players.  Thanks for providing the inspiration for this article.