Are you looking to develop a new website?  Maybe you bought some online ads, but need someone to design them for you?  Or your site is designed but you need someone to develop and write content.  You can find someone to complete all of these jobs on is a worldwide marketplace where clients post jobs to be bid on and competed for and free-lance talent looks for work. 
The types of jobs you can post now include Mobile apps, Websites IT & software, data entry, product sourcing & manufacturing, and business, accounting and legal.  For small companies is becoming a go-to place for finding talent and to find work.
There are some downsides though.  As the site is worldwide, you may not speak the same language as some of the other people on the site, so that will eliminate them from consideration.  There may be time differences which will delay your project, so if time is of the essence, be careful with whom you choose. 
When you post your job, here are the options that are available to you for relatively minor expense. 
We've used the site several times and overall we've been pleased.  More than anything else, be aware that this process seems to take much longer than paying someone in your neighborhood.  So yes, you will probably save money, but you will give up a couple of other things to save it.