I am a frequent reader of Neil Patel of Quicksprout.com because I often find articles like this one where he provides some excellent "quick conversion tips" for Affiliate Marketers.  Allow me to share them with you.

1.  If you tested the copy and you feel that it's optimized, it's time to check the colors.  Believe it or not a simple change of color could improve conversions by 10% or even 20%.

2. Are you in a business where you need to establish trust right away (if you're selling ANYTHING online, you do) make sure that your security buttons and badges of good business practices at the top of your page. 
    2a.  Does your site look spammy?  Have you over-optimized for Google with bold type and lot of words in caps, that you have all the credibility of a used car lot?  If it's important that you establish trust to sell your product, than by all means do that first and foremost.  You will be rewarded with greater sales.

3.  Do you have real testimonials?  Use them.  If not, don't use at all.  People can smell fake testimonials from a mile away.

4. Run your A/B tests for at least a week.  As Neal points out Monday shoppers are different from Thursday shoppers.  It's important that you have total representation across the calendar.

5.  Test your images and make sure you have them optimized properly.

6. Use clear language.  I refer to it as "tell them exactly what you want them to do."  Yes, I'm a genius, thank you very much.   Just kidding.  My point is to make sure that what you want the visitor to do on each page is crystal clear.

This is enough to keep you busy this weekend.