Is that stack of magazines in your restroom collecting dust? Are you taking your smartphone in the john to do a little mobile shopping?

It's no great secret that smartphones are typically glued to the owner's hand nearly every waking minute (some may even be sleeping with their smartphone in-hand). According to a new study conducted by Google and the market research firm Ipsos OTX, 39 percent of smartphone owners use their smartphone while doing their "business."  Even more eye-opeing -- about one-fifth of smartphone users would dump their cable TV over their smartphones, if given the choice.

The study also examined the most frequent uses of smartphones. The research found:

  • 77 percent use it to search for websites
  • 57 look for news
  • 51 percent look for restaurants
  • 49 percent seek entertainment
  • 47 percent do some shopping on their smartphone
  • 32 percent look for technology-related information
  • 31 percent check out travel sites
  • 26 percent seek finance-related info
  • 17 percent look up auto-related sites

Additional findings include:

  • More than half (53 percent) of smartphone users have made a purchase through their mobile device
  • 95 percent have looked up local information
  • 61 percent call a business from their device (you'd think that would be much higher, since it is still a phone, right?)
  • 27 percent of smartphone purchases were made through a mobile website and 22 percent were made through apps
  • Smartphone shoppers spent an average of $300 on purchases made through their device (entertainment, electronics and apparel are the most popular items purchased)
  • 71 percent decided to search on their smartphones because of some sort of advertisement.