If you guessed housing is the number one expense (33.7% if income), you’d be right.  But that’s an easy one.  What’re the second and third highest expense category?  Number 2 is transportation (13.9%) and #3 (12.7%) is food.

These figures come from the U.S. Department of Labor, Bureau of Labor Statistics.  Retirement (surprisingly enough to me at least) comes in as the fourth highest expense (10.5%), followed by other (10.4%) and all insurance comes in sixth at 7.3%.  The insurance breakdown goes like this: health at 3.8%, auto 2.1%, homeowner’s .8% and life .6%.  Out of pocket health care costs comprise an additional 2.8% of the budget.

The remaining percentages are filled by clothes and entertainment.

The cost of insurance was up .1% from 2009 and might be up more when the 2011 figures are released.  Both health and auto insurance were up in 2010.