Just last week we told you that Google and Apple were moving forward on technology that marries jewelry and technology.


The smart watch is here, well it’s in Europe, and soon to be here.  (They recently opened offices in Silicon Valley) It’s called “I’m watch” and is from aptly named Italian designer, “i’m.”  It runs a customized Android interface and can connect to your current smartphone, including BlackBerry and iPhone, to handle phone calls and SMS, as well as music and a host of apps.

There is also an emphasis on design.

“Given also our brand’s Italian roots, we naturally do give an extreme emphasis on elegant design, since we profoundly believe that sight and touch deserve an equally important share, just like the more technical aspects,” says Eleonora Cazzaro, press manager at i’m.

The watches are currently priced from $322 to $13,000 for the top of the line with optional diamonds.

But it’s tech capabilities are pretty impressive.  You can access incoming calls, address books and apps including facebook and twitter.  The wearer can also swipe, tap, click and enlarge on the watches’ glass screen. 
According to Cazzaro, “What we did — given the continuously evolving technologies and trends in a frantic and demanding lifestyle — is blend these classic features with the popular, sought-after functions most of us require, such as phone, email, social network and more, to create a dynamic, efficient and accurately designed device.  All of this is installed in the unique, simple concept of a [smart]watch.”

Our initial reaction is, “why would you add diamonds to a device that will more than likely be antiquated in six months?”  Seriously though, this holds some serious possibilities for tech portability and will be fun to see how the device evolves and how fast.