In another article this week regarding lesser known Google products, we mentioned Google Surveys and their effectiveness in allowing you to talk to people outside your usual circle of clients and business associates.  But, that’s not all they’re good for.  They’re also good for SEO, as they entice greater customer interaction.  This is in addition of course to what you learn from the results of the survey.

Well, Google has added another survey to their basket of products and this one is called, simply enough, Google Consumer Surveys.  This product is designed to allow you to poll your own site visitors.

The short questionnaire is designed to provide you feedback about how users like your site.  The survey shows up in the bottom right hand corner of your site and will consist of four questions.  Surveys appear until you receive 500 responses , then will start again after 30 days.  The surveys are only available to US English visitors and on non-mobile devices.

Surveys are free for the default questions or $5.00 for 500 surveys if you use your own questions.  This is great way to learn, for good and bad, how your visitors are responding to your site.