Two recent studies conducted by Nielsen of mobile search usage by UK and US residents, reveals something we may have already known.  Americans are more impatient and “do it now” than the British.  That is part of what we learned from these studies, but the studies did reveal a bit more than that. 

xAd and Telmetrics combined on the study which was conducted by Nielsen. 

Price comparisons and reviews were the most popular reasons given for UK search activities.

According to the survey, 40% of UK mobile searchers intended to make a purchase with a day of their search. Of those looking to make a purchase within the next day, 22% of those said they were looking to purchase within an hour.  These immediate buyers more often searched on their smartphone than their tablet.

When the UK survey is compared to a summer 2012 survey, “U.S. Mobile Path-to-Purchase study,” the differences in how Americans and British shop is evident.  These numbers show the percentages of people who are looking to purchase within one day.

Category    UK Searches    US Searches
Restaurants, 1 day    58%    87%
Automotive 1 day     29%    49%
Travel, 1 day              31%    33%

Other findings from the UK study found that 50% of UK mobile searchers expect their search locations to be within walking or driving distance.  My first reaction to this, “well that includes just about everything, doesn’t it?”  But then again, what it really says is that half of all searchers are looking for a physical place when searching on mobile, rather than say, searching for a recipe.  They are using their phones in particular for directions, shopping places, restaurants, etc.

It’s important to note that almost 60% of the mobile searches take place outside the home.