The opening weekend sales for the newest iPads were three million strong and we can probably conclude a few million more have been sold since then.  Online advertising network Chitika has tracked the U.S. states where the new iPads are being activated and they have released some interesting demographic information.

The answer is mostly coastal states.  According to the report the top five areas of activation were California, Washington D.C., Hawaii, Nevada and Washington state.  These states also rank high in income levels.  In fact, coastal states average income 10% higher than their inland neighbors.

The report basically uses the above average income to explain why the first-buyers come from these states.  They ignore the fact that all of those states are also tech centers.  Seattle > Washington state.  San Fran, L.A.> California.  Washington D.C. is well, D.C.  Hawaii and Nevada are also growing tech centers, or trying to be.

It’s fair to say that if you combine some extra cash with a little tech savvy, you’ll find a center that is strong for Apple.