First things first, the health care law is actually called the “Affordable Care Act” (not ObamaCare) which is in itself a bit of propaganda, but that’s the rule.  The people who champion a bill get to name it.

Some provisions of the bill are starting to kick in and at least one is tipping public opinion to the positive side.  Currently, rebate checks to consumers are being issued.  The law specifies that if an insurer does not spend at least 80% of the collected premium on direct health care costs, then rebates must be issued to their insureds.  Those checks are going out now to millions of consumers throughout the US.  Many consumers were unaware of this provision and are happily surprised to find a check in their mailbox.

But there are elements of the bill, which may also surprise…some good surprises, some bad. posted an article recently highlighting some provisions that business owners may not be aware of.  
1.    If your business does not have at least 50 employees, and let’s face it, most of us are affiliate marketers, then you don’t have to provide insurance to any other employees.

2.    There are numerous health benefits for women, which have already gone into effect such as free pap smears, breast and pelvic exams and other necessary health check-ups.  The bill also requires workplaces to provide an area for mothers who are breast feeding.

3.    It creates a ten percent federal tax on indoor tanning.

4.    Chain restaurants (the law actually requires restaurants with multiple locations) will be required to post the caloric content of their foods.

5.    W-2’s will now require that health insurance premiums be listed.

6.    Pregnant teens and new Moms can schedule in home nurse visits once or twice a month.  The goal of the $1.5 billion plan is to “teach parenting and coping skills.”

7.    As the article points out, the fine for not obtaining health insurance is tied to one’s income.  The fine could be as low as $95 and up to several hundred dollars.

The ultimate question is…will the fines be enough to compel people to take out health insurance.  Time will tell.