If the last several years holds true, Britons will take three months to pay off their Christmas debt.  It comes as no surprise that it is younger people who are the majority of those collecting debt.  They are more likely to have children and generally speaking, people in their 50’s make more money than those in their 20’s.

The group Saga, an over-50 targeted information and service group, estimates that in 1999, Christmas debt took just 57 days to pay off.  Paul Green, a spokesman for Saga Group, said: “It is a shocking indictment of the nation’s economy that so many people are left struggling to cope with so much debt.”

The same report estimates that Britons, on average, will spend a total of £435 on presents.

This information may point to an increased need for payday loans.  Affiliate ads targeting younger consumers would definitely seem to be in order.