We just had to share this.  In a study conducted by England-based insurer Ageas Ltd., in the U.K. more pets are covered than children when it comes to health coverage for serious injuries.  The study showed that 9% of British consumers or 4.5 million have critical illness insurance that covers their children.  12% or nearly 6 million have coverage for their pets.

About 9.5 million parents have no financial protection or even sick leave available if the need to care for a sick child occurred.

For this writer, the following numbers are even more disturbing.

The results said that less than half (42%) of those surveyed would be willing to buy critical illness insurance if the premium was £20 ($31) or less per month.
But the head of marketing for the Ageas Project had this to say:  “It’s clear that parents are willing to pay to protect themselves and their children for a reasonable monthly amount.”

I’m sorry, but are we reading the same numbers?   This article appeared on businessinsurance.com.