With the help of Doug Aamoth and Techland.time.com allow me to first define what Tumblr is, for those of you who are not aware.  It's a blog hosting network.  It's a lot like a combination of blogger and facebook.  They may not like that characterization, but it feels true.

According to their main page, they host over 100 million blogs and have over 51 billion posts.  But if you want to check it out, you have to sign up, get a user and password.  My question is, why not give us a taste of what it's like, then get us to join.  But, that's just my thought.

Tumblr is in the news of course, because Yahoo! just bought them for $1.1 billion.  I have no way of knowing whether or not that makes sense, but the prevailing reason for them to do so appears to be that this gives them an existing social network to add to their line-up of products.  This could theoretically make a lot of sense.

Since the deal was announced, it has leaked that Facebook was also looking at purchasing tumblr.  Whether or not they were interested in order to keep it from others is not known.

So what's the future for tumblr?  Advertisements for one.  A new line-up of advertisements on the tumblr dashboard was expected as soon as Tuesday, May 21st , according to a report by BusinessInsider.com.  Additional ad opportunities include Radar posts and in-stream posts.

Only time will tell if this was the right decision for Yahoo (they after all, used to own GeoCities)but it does provide a platform where they previously did not have one.