It’s been a busy year in tech.  But, when you think about it, in the last decade, when has it not?  You can peruse cnet’s Top 100 here, but allow me to pass along the highlights.

Do you think Marissa Mayer’s hiring by Yahoo was a big story?  We all do – that came in at number 12.

The introduction of Windows 8?  Is it ranked number 8?  Nope.  How about number 2!

Wearable technology?  From watches to wristbands, that’s a story that will only keep increasing in importance.  Cnet ranked it number 51.  We did a story on the Sony Smart Watch this year.

Want to know what came in at number 100?  Which story almost didn’t make it?  James Cameron’s deep sea dive.   Well, that tells you that maybe there were only 99 important tech stories in 2012.

So what were the top 10? 
10.  Tim Cook, CEO of Apple
9. Facebooks’s IPO
8. Foxconn charged with poor working conditions
7.  Apple iPhone 5
6. Samsung Galaxy 3
5.  New fronts in the tech wars.  Real smartphone competition and maybe even additional tablet competition.
4. Tablets in the mainstream.
3.  The HUGE increase in mobile use.
2. Windows 8
1.  Apple vs. Samsung patents trial
Some great reading from  When you have a few minutes take a look.  I guarantee you forgot some of these stories even occurred.