By Paul Parcellin, Staff Writer
July 07, 2014

As an online marketer you benefit from each lead that you collect. You must get leads to earn money, so it stands to reason that the more efficient you can be in leads collection the better your profits will be.

Perhaps you employ SEO tactics to help increase your Web traffic. The SEO process involves researching keywords that relate to your site and using those keywords to attract the kind of traffic you want. If your mission is to get leads, you may want to advertise through the online ad networks that can deliver your message to prospects.

Whichever methods you employ to increase traffic and get leads, you'll probably want to collect high quality leads. Knowing the demographics and behavior of your highest quality leads will help you make smart choices on your website and get more leads.

It's important to know a lot about your most valued leads, such as the demographic profile they belong to and their interests. With this knowledge you can optimize your site for these valued prospects. You can optimize your landing page and use keywords related to products and services that they are apt to be interested in.

Cheryl Engelaer of the Lenskold Group says, "When designing or updating a website, always keep the experience of your prospects and customers in mind." She recommends that you analyze activity on your website at least monthly using the following metrics as a start:

• Visits
• Time on site
• Bounce rate
• Page views
• Lead form completes and drop off

Engelaer advises that you get to know where on your site the highest value leads tend to spend most of their time. In addition, you should also perform path analysis - a study of consecutive acts performed on a website - on a regular basis. If you understand what path visitors are taking when they convert, you can avoid disturbing the flow of traffic.

You might otherwise accidentally cut off access to visitor conversion if, for instance, you remove a critical page that is part of the path.

Get Leads with Video

Most people seem to enjoy online video, as the multitude of Youtube users suggests. According to YouTube, more than a billion unique visitors come to that site each month.

Online video is an efficient way to distribute your message worldwide and can be an effective tool to get leads. You can produce your own online video and send out an information-rich package that can be viewed online and shared. Your video's call to action can bring viewers to your website, and some of that video traffic may convert.

Images can help you Get Leads

Pictures and graphics can help illustrate the text on your pages. You can also use them on blogs and in various photo sharing sites, such as Tumblr, Flickr and Pinterest. The images you post can help you get leads when they direct viewers to your site. Tumblr is a place to post your blog as well as images, and both can point your blog toward your website.

Use eBooks to Get Leads

You can give away eBooks as promotional materials, or you can sell them. In either case they can deliver a great deal of information to potential prospects, and may help you get leads. When you provide visitors with useful information you increase the chance that they will return and possibly convert.

Lead Generation via an E-course

E-courses offer a way to provide knowledge and instruction to anyone with an Internet connection. You can offer the e-course to potential prospects, which not only helps publicize your name but also helps you connect with others and build trust. This can be a potent way to get leads.

Podcasts can Help You Generate Leads

Who has time to read all of the important text that's out there? That's why downloadable audio feeds (podcasts) can fill in the gaps for overburdened readers. The podcast audience continues to grow, and within that wide group of online listeners are probably a vast number of potential prospects who would take interest in your offerings. It could be a great way for you to get leads. When you create a podcast it's like distributing a free audiobook. Many people seem to enjoy them, and when you podcast you may reach a new audience that might otherwise never encounter your website.

Get Leads by Guest Blogging

Guest blogging can be a useful way to get your backlinks out there. It also can help establish you as an authority in your field. There may even be a few dollars in it for you if the host pays writers. Most important, though, is that it may be a different means to get leads.

Webinars and Getting New Customers

Unlike e-courses, which can be distributed a number of ways, such as via email, Webinars are usually conducted live for any number of participants. The number of individuals you can reach and your ability to generate leads is practically unlimited. Because it is conducted in real time, webinars offer you the opportunity to present an interactive experience which can make a strong impression on your audience.

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