I have not yet read Time Magazine's article discussing the reason for Cook’s appearance on this list, but I can’t help but think that there are some important negative reasons he’s listed here, as much as there are positive reasons he’s here.

For the first time in many years, the shear brilliance and superiority of Apple products was not always evident.  In fact, it seemed to this writer that several of their products were rushed to the marketplace in 2011 and 2012, with full knowledge that superior replacements were just months from release.  See iPad 3, (already out of production) iPad Mini (using cheap glass was a low end move) and iPhone 4s (once you see the iPhone 5 you realize what an inferior product this is.)  And don’t get me started on Apple Maps.  A DISASTER.  Was that product not tested?

The beauty of Apple, at least in my experience was that I knew I was getting a superior product and as a result did not mind paying the premium price.  But the above four products were clear indications that they were okay with releasing products that they knew were not up to Apple standards. That is risky business.

Now let me read the Time magazine article and see what their take on Mr. Cook and his place in 2012.

Here’s a sampling of writer Lev Grossman’s opinion of Tim Cook’s year:
“Cook’s record hasn’t been flawless, but he has presided in a masterly way over both a thorough, systematic upgrading of each of the company’s major product lines and a run-up in the company’s financial fortunes that can only be described as historic.”

He goes on to point out that Apple is now worth more than at the time of Jobs’ death, and in fact is by far, the wealthiest company in the world.

As they point out, here’s what Cook did right in 2012.  Let’s use Apple Maps as the example.  He immediately apologized.  He then recommended that iPhone 5 owners use another company’s application (Google Maps) until Apple got “its house in order.”  He went even further.  He fired or coaxed resignations from key people involved with the product.  On this issue at least, he seemed to understand that Apple cannot take their position in the marketplace for granted.

I’m not sure I’m as positive as Time magazine is in their assessment of Mr. Cook, for now, I’ll go along with him being on the list.

Apple made some mistakes this year.  Let’s see how they rebound in 2013.