The gut reaction is “What, are you out of your mind?”  But, a closer examination might give reasons for hope for Microsoft and Bing fans.  Chris Crum of WebProNews recently wrote an extensive article on this topic and we’re going to review his findings.

We’ll start with the announcement that Bing will soon be the default search engine for Siri, the voice activated tool of Apple iOS 7 mobile devices.  This is potentially hundreds of millions of devices that will have Bing as their Siri search engine.  Google will remain the default search engine for the device itself.  This takes place beginning in the Fall of 2013.

The Siri news goes beyond mobile devices.  General Motors is adding Siri to more of their new vehicles.  That means that Bing is the default voice search in the car, if the driver chooses to use the Siri feature.

Bing is also the search engine for Facebook Graph Search.  This relationship is only going to grow because as Crum points out, Graph Search is not even available to all Facebook users.  Expect to see greater integration as time goes on.

There’s more…Bing is also integrated into Microsoft’s very own Xbox product.  Bing provides the results if voice searches that are now available on the Xbox.  There is greater integration with Internet Explorer within the Xbox experience as well, so of course, that means greater integration with Bing.

So, is Bing overtaking Google next year?  Hardly.  But, it’s conceivable that they could cut into Google’s search share by two to four percentage points.  If Microsoft continues to chip away at that pace, things will get interesting in the search engine game.