So much has been made about the Affordable Care Act.  SO much.  But as 2014 approaches, we learn more and more about the specifics and have a very solid idea as to how much it will cost.  This cost ultimately depends upon the state you reside in, but we can get an idea using the state of California as an example.

Subsidies are available to all Americans in all states who make up to 400% of the national poverty level.  This includes individuals making up to $45,960 and $94,200 for a family of four.  The subsidy varies depending upon your income.  An article appearing on provides the following examples.

An individual making $17,000 will pay no more than 4% of their income or $57 a month.  Those who make $34.470 to $45,960 will pay no more 9.5% of their income or $362 a month.  There are additional discounts for lower income people to help cover the cost of deductibles and office visits.

The following chart is courtesy of Covered California.