flex phoneTechies.  The new iPhone hasn’t even been out two weeks and we’re already wondering what’s coming next year?  Aren’t we ever satisfied?  The answer is no.  We’re the modern day dreamers after all. 
There are numerous possibilities:  the extinction of the PC as tablet computing takes over; the demise of your wallet as mobile devices take over that job – don’t laugh, it’s already happening in parts of Asia; an article we posted last week noted the Microsoft demo of a multi surface data input system; and, thanks to Nokia and Samsung, something we really didn’t see coming:  a flexible screen.

The first thing that comes to mind is WoW!  Then, what exactly what does this mean?  It will make scrolling easier.  That was demonstrated quite effectively.  On the fun side it was also shown how glove wearers could operate the screen.  Great news for those living in colder climates. 
Samsung, now the world’s largest manufacturer of smart phones says it will begin shipping flexible screen phones in 2012.

Ho hum, so, what’s in the works for 2013?