Thank you for this amazing collection of technology and ideas that are on the verge of changing how we live.  Trust us, it’s worth following the link and read about the amazing things that science is about to serve us.

Briefly, here are some of the highlights…at least as we see them.  Your list might be different.
1.    Edible Food Packaging.  The end of food packaging litter.  Wow.
2.    Inflatable seat belts.  Ford already has them in the Explorer.  They will save lives and help to minimize injury, particularly for people riding in the backs seat. 
3.    Lab grown Beef.  It is expected that this will help to eliminate future food crisis’.
4.    Recycled shower water.  This will save huge amounts of water.  An Australian firm has designed a shower that cuts consumption by 70%.  As I believe water will be THE thing that the world will battle over in the future, this could help to a game changer.
5.    Lab grown human organs.  No explanation needed here.
6.    Better (way better) solar cells.  A solar cell the size of a dime that will power an entire city.
7.    Turn sewage into water vapor. Essentially, Namon Nassef has developed a way to break down waste with extreme heat; and leaves no residual waste at the end of the process.  Totally clean.  Fascinating.

In all, BusinessInsider has amassed 30 “game changing” inventions.  Check it out to see which you think are the real “game changers.”