If PC and tablet sales each continue at their current pace, Tablets will overtake PC sales by the end of 2013.  This from Kevin C. Tofel and posted on BusinessWeek.com.  It won’t be long until tablets outsell laptops as well.

This is important because it illustrates a change in American consumer behavior.  Consumers are increasingly taking a mobile approach to computing.  They are no longer attached to their desk at home.

The transfer to mobile is also important from a technology standpoint.  You must have a website that is responsive.  Your website must automatically adjust and display for the device that accesses it.

The technical part is easy.  You can adjust your websites so that they are mobile ready for every mobile device, as well as still being optimized for PC’s.  The bigger challenge lies in developing content and making changes to your marketing that remains in step with today’s “on the move consumer.”

The ability to use mobile while shopping has changed the way they shop.  For instance, there is a new behavior known as “showrooming.”  This is the practice of shopping and researching a product in a store but buying cheaper online.   This has impacted big box stores in particular. 

Common sense will tell you that this practice cannot go on forever as eventually all the physical retail stores would go out of business.

It’s the way that marketers respond to challenges in the marketplace that ultimately determine whether or not they will survive.   The savvy marketer is the one that stays in touch with the latest technology and uses it to their advantage.