Why are posting an article on tablet usage in Russia?  Because we will soon be expanding Payday Loan Lead Generation efforts to include Russia.

It was reported by WebProNews that it's expected that tablet shipments to Russia will surpass PC shipments in the coming holiday season.  As reported by market research firm IDC, PC shipments to Russia dropped 37% in the 2nd quarter of 2013 versus 2nd quarter of 2012.  Notebook shipments dropped 45% to just 1.69 million units.

Tablet shipments rose 156% to 1.95 million units.

These numbers are important to marketers because it shows that the importance of mobile is not just a U.S. lifestyle thing.  Mobile's importance worldwide cannot be overstated.

Russia, along with India, Brazil and China are expecting huge mobile growth, in particular with lower priced Android tablets and smartphones.