Why the Surface is better than the iPad…in some cases...

Microsoft has released its first attempt at hardware – The Surface – so, how did they do?
1.    A Real Keyboard.   No punching on a flat surface with a projection keyboard.  The Surface keyboard is not just a keyboard, it’s the case too.
2.    The Surface screen is 10.6” diagonal.  This is almost an inch larger than the iPad.  But, not everyone wants the additional size for a tablet.  It’s a little bulkier to use than an iPad. You decide if that’s a plus or not.
3.    The 64GB of storage is upgradable on the Surface.  Not so on the iPad.
4.    The Surface has USB ports.  HUGE advantage for those of us not interested in the Apple docking system of the week.
5.    The Surface can read flash; the iPad not.  This is not necessarily a plus as far as I’m concerned.  It (flash) eats up disk space and slows down the computer operation.  Flash is an old, outdated product.  Apple you have this one right.
6.    Microsoft Office comes free with the Surface.  HUGE advantage
7.    Comes with a build in kickstand.  No need to purchase separate ones.
8.    The Surface is closer to a laptop than the iPad.  This is an interesting idea to contemplate.  Apple was never trying to replace laptops with the iPad.  It’s a separate device with unique uses.  Much closer to a cell phone than a laptop.  So, will the Surface ultimately take more sales from the laptop column or the tablet column.   The surface is bigger than the iPad and does it need to be?  This point will ultimately play out in the sales.  Is it a tablet or laptop?
9.    The big plus going to the iPad is the sheer amount of product available for it.  Apps abound for the iPad. You’ll have to wait for next year for anything remotely close for the Surface.

Thanks to BusinessInsider for the inspiration for this article.