SONY SmartWatch

We said it was only a matter of time and we were right.  Not that our prediction was much of a stretch. 
Sony has introduced a smart watch in the United States for $150 (the wrist bands other than black, which comes with the watch are an extra $20.)

The watch pairs with Android phones over Bluetooth and uses a free app in Google Play (if you own a Sony handset it should already be installed.)  The phone allows you to check e-mail, text and do social updates.  There are 60 apps for it so far, including facebook.

One of the primary benefits of the watch is the ability to access your phone without physically touching it.  Rather than replacing the phone the watch acts as an accessory for the phone that is designed to enhance the user’s phone experience.

The watch is dust proof and splash proof and also has a clip on the back of the phone, so it can be attached to a belt or other piece of clothing.