With an Apple smartwatch in the works and a Samsung model being released as early as Labor Day week, it's a good time to ask, "what exactly are these watches going to do?"

It looks like the watches will be used in tandem with your smartphone.  They will be connected to your smartphone by blue tooth technology.  So rather than pulling out your phone every two minutes you can take a quick glance at your watch to see if you have new text messages, or if you missed a call. This is much less intrusive than constant monitoring of your phone.

To take an educated guess of the full capabilities of a smartwatch, let's look at one that's already on the market; the Pebble SmartWatch.

Pebble's watch primarily provides alerts and notifications.  These include incoming caller ID, calendar and weather alerts, new text and e-mail messages, as well as social media signals.

Pebble does say that third party apps are being developed every day.  Their functions include travel arrangements, alarm clock, and some exercise tools which monitor your heart rate and measure distance jogged, etc.

I would expect that the capabilities of a Samsung or an apple watch to be a bit more.  I also expect that in five years, their capabilities will be far more than they are today.