In what could be described as a sign that Google might actually listen to webmasters now and then, they are asking for quality "Mom and Pop sites" with low rankings to submit their site to Google via a Google Docs form, along with an explanation as to why they think it should rank higher.

Do not expect higher rankings from this exercise.  At least not initially.  This is more of a fact-finding mission on Google's part.  Matt Cutts, head of Google search explained in his latest video that he's doing this because one of his engineers is looking for "more concrete examples of small sites/mom-n-pop shops."  Cutts agreed saying that he thought it was a good idea.  It would expand their scope of "things," and allow them to "get input from a wider circle of folks."

The actions come from expressed concerns of small website owners who were hurt by a recent update where big, so-called "authoritarian sites" outranked most small sites.  This exercise appears to be preliminary research into deciding whether the "authoritarian site determination methods" need some tweaking.  This is not in Google words certainly but, maybe Google doesn't necessarily know who's an expert and who isn't within every given field.

If you have a small site and want to submit it, follow this link to get started.

Thank you to Jennifer Slegg and SearchEngineWatch for getting the word out.