SAY WHAT?  That was my reaction too.  There’s more, but let me set this up first.  I came across an article on from Erik Sherman where he shared the cold hard facts about search.  His source is Experian Marketing Services, one of the leading internet marketing research firms.

The lucky top 5 are:  Facebook 8.48%, YouTube 5.55%, Yahoo 2.63%, Wikipedia 2.01% and Amazon at 1.4%.  The lucky 500…what percentage of all searches do you think these sites get?  Almost 50%!  The lucky 10,000?  They get ¾ of all clicks.

You can see what a challenge you have getting your site to rank and to receive clicks.  But, don’t panic.  These sites are mostly national brands and most of us are not directly competing against national brands.  Also keep in mind that you are competing amongst companies within a given set of keywords.  You’re not competing against Facebook or Yahoo.

Remember, people literally search for billions of things.  You only need to succeed in a couple of  search categories in your line of business.

The numbers do paint a picture of exactly how hard it is to get recognized and then to convert your rankings into sales, but it remains possible to succeed.  Keep focused, stay patient and create a better website experience than anyone else.