Yes, Samsung owes apple $1billion, but they got the ultimate revenge in August 2012 by outselling apple iPhone 4s with three of the major four carriers. 
The monthly win is slightly tainted as the Galaxy S III is the latest release from Samsung against Google nearly one year old iPhone 4s.  Additionally, it was expected, and now confirmed, that the iPhone 5 will debut in September.

AT&T was the only carrier where iPhone still reigned supreme.  Verizon, Sprint and T-Mobile all sold more Samsung products than apple.

It was to be expected that apple iPhone sales would slip the month before their next big release.

As this article comes to a close we found some interesting facts regarding the iPhone and the size of the iPhone division.  According a CNN Money post, apple’s iPhone business would rank in the Fortune 50 if it were a stand-alone company.  The same article also shows that the iPhone business is larger than all of Microsoft.  The article did not compare Google’s Android business to the other two. and provided background for this article.