Reviews for and for are both positive for the new tablet.  It’s called the Galaxy note; it’s 10.1 inches and includes some changes that differentiate it from Apple’s iPad.  It’s clear that they are not interested in another lawsuit from Apple. 

Here are the general specifications beyond the screen size:
•    Android 4.0.4 Ice Cream Sandwich with Samsung’s custom UI (Jelly Bean comes later in 2012)
•    2GB of RAM
•    $499 for 16 GB version; $549 to $599 for 32GB version
•    An S-Pen with storage slot
•    The ability to split the screen and run two programs at once

Chris Velazco for techcrunch liked the tablet overall, but did have some negatives, one of which I can see would be a problem for many.  First, he admitted to not being inspired by the construction.  In an effort to keep the weight down, which they do (1.31 lbs.), the piece is mostly plastic.  That’s okay, as I think we now know that plastic is not what it used to be.  It’s more resilient.

The feature that would drive me nuts is as a result of the location of the speakers and the location of the front facing camera.  The device is meant to be used horizontally.  With a ten-inch size, I would think that use could be cumbersome more times than not.  It would be easier to use vertically.

On the positive side, both reviewers were thrilled with the pen and the abilities it provides.

So the next question is…do we think the iPad will eventually come with a pen, and why or why not? My gut feeling is that it will not.  They will put money into R&D to provide the best screen experience and to provide every human with the best fingers possible.

But that’s just a guess on my part.