If you asked 55 industry professionals which SEO tools for link bullding campaigns they can't do without, what ones do you think they'd choose?  That's the question that Richard Marriot recently asked on clambr.com.  It should be pointed out that the professionals he asked are in more mainstream industries.  So what SEO tools did they choose?
•    Buzzfeed
•    Ahrefs
•    Majestic SEO & Open Site Explorer
•    Google Search & Google Webmaster Tools
•    Followerwonk & Link Prospector

Let's take a closer look at Ahrefs and some that did not make the top 5.

Ahrefs is an online warehouse of link building information.  You can track your backlinks and the backlinks of other sites; check what people are saying about you by using the Mentions tracker; and a new SEO report that "lets you see any site as if you were the search engine."  It will identify pages with no titles, inaccuracies in meta descriptions and more.  A true must, especially if you're new to a site or just conducting a six month checkup.

Yesware Email tracking software.  Would it be helpful to know when a prospect/client opens your email or clicks on a link?  Yesware does that and more.  It also tells you on what device they are accessing your email.  It also acts as a bit of an assistant reminding you when you need to follow up with emails.  If you happen to have a sales force, it also tracks the whole team and is accessible to a central interface.

GroupHigh.  Find experts in a particular field, plus "automate research and track the engagement of your outreach campaigns."  Have a found a blog that you think you want to get links from, but want to check their traffic?  Do it with GroupHigh.  You can even track your communications with potentials blogs and bloggers.

SERPfox.  Advanced reporting on search engine rankings.  Track keywords, send you notices when you reach certain goals and more. Clean, easy to understand interface.

RavenTools. I admit I chose this one as my last site to consider because I am a Ravens football fan.  But also because it's a good tool for a variety of website metrics tasks.  Raven has SEO software which gathers the data you need to study your site; offers social Media and content marketing management, and PPC campaign management which works in conjunction with Google AdWords.  Almost everything you need to research and control your website.

The original article is loaded with links and plenty of other recommended sites if you're looking for additional, quality link building tools.