Progressive Insurance announced Monday, July 9, 2012 that anyone, even someone who is not insured by Progressive will be able to test drive “Snapshot.”  Snapshot is Progressive’s device that records data on how your drive.

“Pay as you drive” plans are growing in popularity with insurance companies and two types of drivers: those who do not drive many miles, and good drivers.  The technology goes beyond just recording total miles driven.  It will also record the number of times a driver hits their brakes and how hard the brakes are applied.  Needless to say this benefits those who do more highway driving than city driving.

Snapshot has been available for months, but by allowing drivers who do not have insurance with Progressive they are clearly ratcheting up their marketing efforts with the product.  They are confident that drivers will save money once they finish the 30-day trial.

This is a strong marketing angle for Progressive to take.  They were the first to really market the “Pay as you drive” plan, so this extension of that plan makes this a winner for them.  So far, no other insurance company is using this approach the way that Progressive is.  But since marketing is nothing if not a copycat game, expect other carriers to follow suit in the near future.

This new plan also gives the Snapshot user a chance to check their data on the Progressive website.