We recently wrote on the topic of how insurance companies were using social media in underwriting. 
Then came Google lawsuits, privacy issues, the government and more.  In short, there are plenty of changes coming; some brought about by consumer awareness of privacy related issues and some will be governmental mandates. 

Consumers are learning exactly how much information about themselves there really is on the web, specifically on social media sites, and many are opting to make more of that information private.  
Additionally, as users learn more about social media sites and how they are used, they prune their friends list and delete comments made by themselves and others.  This gives underwriters less raw data to use in developing rates.

And of course, there is the big unknown in the room, which is privacy related issues and how the government will act on them.  Changes could come in the form of court decisions, legislation or by order of the Federal Trade Commission, or other such agency.

The bottom line to all of this is that insurance companies are likely to have less data gathered from social media to work with in the future, rather than more.