It’s beautiful isn’t it?  You’ve just written the next great piece of content marketing.  You can’t help but stare and admire it.  Okay, okay.  Maybe I’m going a little overboard, but the point is even after you’ve written a great article there are some things that you can do to enhance and draw further attention to your work.  With the help of and Ken Lyons, here are some tricks you can use to make your work even better.

1.    Write a better headline.  If you have a great one, then don’t worry about it, but spending five minutes trying to come up with a better one is always time well spent.   Make it funny, ironic, visual…make sure your headline does its job of grabbing attention.
1a.  According to Lyons, “mixing up the keywords, modifiers, stems in your page’s heading and title tag helps your assets rank for a broader basket of keywords, allowing your content to work even harder for you.

2.    Proofreading the content.  You’ve checked for typos and grammar errors, but there are other things you should be looking to improve with your proofread.  
a.    Streamline your copy.  In an effort to reach a certain word count (the worst part of Google SEO nonsense) we all get a little wordy.  By all means add quality to your material, but if you can cut redundancy, cut it.
b.    Read it out loud.  This is a great way to find the rough spots in your articles.  If you find it hard to read aloud, readers will find it hard to read period. 
c.    Make sure you have backed up your claims with facts.  Are all of your claims backed up with links, facts, and references to the source material?

3.    Add Readability to your article.  One long column of copy/text is daunting and will cause some readers to pass over your work.  So, break it up into sections with the use of sub-heads.

4.    Install share buttons to your material.

5.    Know the difference between selling copy and informational copy.  A site that does nothing but sell on every page of their site (I’m speaking for a typical financial vertical affiliate site) will turn off a certain percentage of your visitors.  For those that are looking to be sold those pages should be clear to the first time visitor.  The call to action should be clear and obvious.  But for those who are visiting your site looking for real information, don’t forget them.  Make sure you have content that meets their goals as well.

6.    Enable authorship.  If you have not already done so - to get the most out of your material create an “authorship” for yourself.  You can do this with Google, and then when you are optimizing your article add the “author” tag and this will help give additional weight to your article.

7.    Carefully choose photos or graphics to help illustrate your main point.  Good photos and graphics add so much to an article’s readability.  They break it up so it’s more appealing visually and the perfect photo/graphic should also help to make your point.

Lyons offers many other suggestions for things that you can do to improve your article’s effectiveness, so feel free to visit the original link to check them out.