Thursday, April 11, 2013 might go down in history as the day that PC’s died.  Or at least, the day they were officially put to pasture.  As reported by, shipments of PC’s fell 14% in the first quarter of 2013.  This was the worst yearly decline since data collection began in 1994 by the IDC (International Data Corporation.)

This news brought some unwelcome stock drops to Hewlett-Packard (7% down), Intel (almost 3% down) and AMD (down 3.6%).  Apple and Dell were hurt less, with stock prices down about .5% for each.

The blame most likely belongs to the changing tastes of users worldwide.  They are choosing mobile over PC more and more.  But many speculated there might be another culprit.  Windows 8.
According to Bob O’Donnell, the IDC Program Vice President of Clients and Displays said, “At this point, unfortunately, it seems clear that the Windows 8 launch not only didn’t provide a positive boost to the PC market, but appears to have slowed the market.”

He went on to say that the changes in Windows 8 were too much, specifically the removal of the start button.  All over the web you can find videos of people being asked to turn on or off the windows 8 system and then failing miserably.

Did businesses and consumers stay away from Windows 8 for fear that the learning curve was too great?  Did they change the operating experience too much?  Especially since their base clientele is older than that of the mac user.  It appears so.