Two stories came out this week that show different sides of the developing story that is the implementation of the Affordable Care Act, AKA Obamacare.  By January I, 2014 (just six short months away) major provisions of the law go onto effect including the individual mandate, and implementation of the insurance exchanges.

The first story revealed the results of a recent poll conducted by Anderson Robbins and Shaw & Company, both marketing research groups.  They found that 53% of all Americans are anticipating lower quality of healthcare, as well as greater expenses.  The breakdown went like this. 

85% of all Republicans, 51% of registered Independents and 25% of all Democrats believe the worst case scenario is coming. 
56% of those polled want to return to days before the law was passed.

Those numbers may not surprise you, but a few more might.  Opposition to the law was evenly distributed among males, females, and people with college degrees and those with little education.  Rich and poor also felt similarly about the law.

What is most clear in the opinion of this writer is that people are concerned that their rates are going to skyrocket, and I think they will for some groups of people if initial data from insurance companies is to be believed; but premiums will go down and most important, be available for, millions who previously did not have health insurance.

The second story deals with facts more than opinions.  Currently, it's estimated that half of the individual policies issued do not meet the new federal standards which also go into effect January  1, 2014.

An article from estimated that fifteen million Americans (non-retired) buy health insurance on the open market.  These people will be eligible to buy insurance from the newly formed health exchanges.  These exchanges have federally mandated minimum levels of coverage, but the exchanges will be privately operated.

There will be four levels of coverage offered, all covering the same things, but with varying deductibles and co-pays.

It's expected that the old plans will go the way of the Ford Edsel (the dump) and be replaced with new plans that will have the higher levels of coverage.

There will be federal subsidies for people within 400% of the poverty level; which is approximately $45,000 for an individual and $92,000 for a family of four.