Good news for unemployed consumers having trouble making their mortgage payment.

The Obama Administration has announced it is increasing the amount of aid available to unemployed homeowners. The program allows unemployed homeowners to miss as much as a year's worth of mortgage payments and still avoid foreclosure.

Mortgage lenders who work with the Federal Housing Administration must extend their "forbearance" for 12 months. This is triple the current four-month forebearance requirement.

The Obama Administration has also made it easier for homeowners to qualify for the mortgage assistance program.

"The current unemployment forbearance programs have mandatory periods that are inadequate for the majority of unemployed borrowers,” Housing and Urban Development Secretary Shaun Donovan commented.  “Today, 60% of the unemployed have been out of work for more than three months and 45% have been out of work for more than six.  Providing the option for a year of forbearance will give struggling homeowners a substantially greater chance of finding employment before they lose their home.”

President Obama added has been working to find creative methods for forestalling foreclosures, as unemployment still hovers over 9 percent. "We’ve had to revamp our housing program several times to try to help people stay in their homes and try to start lifting home values up," Obama said in response to a question on Twitter. "But of all the things we’ve done, that’s probably been the area that’s been most stubborn to us trying to solve the problem."