c/net is reporting on two new pieces of technology; one may impact affiliate marketing in the future, and the other is just fun.  The first is a new tablet that will be priced at $200.  Archos announced that they will have a 7-inch tablet on the market in January 2012.  This joins Amazon’s Kindle Fire in that price range.  This Andros product will have a webcam on the front, unlike Amazon’s model.

This is important because as the price comes down and features increase, more people will buy one, thus changing the way consumers research and buy products and services.  It changes where they purchase products and it obviously changes the devices they purchase from.

Our next product(s) are disposable iPhone cameras.  Say what?  These are in fact apps that enhance the picture taking experience.  First, Hipstamatic is a digital photography app that allows the user to take pictures and through the use of several filters makes the pictures look as if they were taken with an antique camera.  Their new version allows users to share their pics on facebook.  A nine-pack of 24 exposure cameras costs just 99 cents.  Some filters cost slightly more.

The other app is called Dotti Disposable and comes from Sincerely.  In this case, you buy 12-shot rolls for $4.99 and that includes printing and mailing of the pics to the person you want.  Dotti allows you edit your bad pictures.

There really is something new every day, isn’t there?  Or in these cases, something old is new again.