There were gadgets at the CES that affiliate marketers could put to use.  What are they?  Lauren Drell wrote the following for American Express OPEN and Mashable.  Here are a few of the products.
1.    Swivl

SwivlAs a former TV Commerical Producer this gadget holds a lot of interest for me.  It’s just cool; but it’s also easy to see how affiliate marketers can make use of it, particularly as video grows in importance in SE rankings. 
The Swivl allows your iPhone to follow you as you demo a product, give a lecture, do cartwheels if you wish.  All without an operator.  Set up the Swivl with your iPhone and get into position with the “marker” in your hand.  The Swivl will pivot the iPhone to follow the marker and thus your movements.  You can produce your own videos by yourself much easier now, and probably with greater results. 
Maybe the coolest part of Swivl is that it has a built in microphone that maintains the same audio levels even as you move about the room.  The iPhone model will be available in the 1st quarter, and an Android version is on the way.  Retail price as of this moment is $160.

2.    Powertech USB Charger
Smartphone, tablet, laptop, iPod and more.  (Sounds like the beginning of a song almost.)  They all need juice to operate.  The Powertech USB wall charger allows you to plug in traditional cords yes, but also allows you to plug in two USB devices.  It’s also designed to be slim so it’s a great accessory for the business traveler.  No price was listed.

3.    Karotz Smart Rabbit

KarotzThis product is just cool looking.  The Karotz Smart Rabbit is an internet-connected device that can be integrated into your social networks.  It updates pages, sends e-mails and read texts.  There is voice-recognition software that helps the rabbit carry out certain commands such as searching the web, playing music or even checking the weather. 
It gets better.  There’s also a built-in microphone and webcam, so Karotz can snap a pic and upload it with the touch of a couple of buttons. 
It’s a little like Siri jumped out of your iPhone and landed in a plastic rabbit. 
Initial retail price is $129.

4.    Victorinox SSD with 1TB Flash Drive

How many times have you said, “if only I had a Swiss army knife with a built-in flash drive.”  Well maybe never, but we have a feeling that once you have one of these, you’re gonna wonder how you lived without it.  It really is a Swiss army knife as it has a blade and scissors, as well as a laser pointer.  But it has the previously mentioned USB flash drive, that holds 1 terabyte of data.  That is such a huge amount this writer has never heard of it.  But that’s not all — this knife also it connects to eSATA II/III and USB 2.0/3.0 with a single connector, there’s a graphic display showing what’s saved to the drive. Plus, it supports 256 AES encryption, so you don’t have to worry about file security.
No price is given.