The details are still emerging, but a couple things are clear in the Facebook News Feed layout.  The photos and videos will be getting bigger and the feed will now look the same across all devices.  It has taken until 2013 (crazy when you think about it) for Facebook to redesign their product so that it views and works the same on PC’s and mobile. )  Better late than never I guess.

There are still many things to learn, particularly in what ways if any, the algorithm has changed.  When Facebook last made a big revision to the News Feed in 2011.  At the time, the change that people complained about was that many of their contacts comments were hidden.  Eventually all that died down and people got on with it.  Here’s what we know about the latest algorithm changes.

Users will be able to choose from a variety of feeds including:

All Friends, which only shows posts from friends in reverse chronological order

Photos: Just the picture maam

Music: Musical posts and other related news in the music

Other categories include Games and Close Friends.

Facebook says the changes will be rolled out over the course of a few weeks, so that users can become familiar with the changes and provide feedback.

Recently I’ve noticed when I log onto Facebook, there is likely to be a post from 16 or 17 hours prior as the first or second post on my NewsFeed.  It makes me feel like Facebook is old news.  The question is, how much work am I going to have to go to get my feed the way I want?  So, more than anything else, please allow me to make changes easily, if you insist on making me make changes at all.

Thanks to and for background on this article.