"i"'m just being clever.  The "i" refrers to intelligence.  On June 10, 2013, Apple unveiled numerous updates to current products and to their mobile operating system.  Reviews are mixed.  The new Mac Pro, their professional desktop line received a MAJOR update and garnered mostly grand reviews, but the new iOS 7 is being bashed by designers for its unimaginative and simplistic design.

Let's start with the Mac Pro.  Apple's most powerful machine ever.  It's twice as fast as the previous version and it's ROUND.  Forget the old rectangle design, this one is an amazing looking piece of hardware from the future.

I love the increased speed, but my favorite feature?  When you turn it around to the ports in the back…it LIGHTS UP so you can see what ports are available.  Seems quite obvious now doesn't it?  Speaking of ports, here's what it comes with:  4 USB 3.0 ports, 6 Thunderbolt 2 ports, 2 Gigabit Ethernet ports, and an HDMI out port.  That's some power.

They unveiled updated MacBook Airs as well.  Starting at $1,000 for the 11-inch with 128Gb of drive space and up to $1,300 for the 13" and 256 Gb drive.   But the biggest improvements to these machines, is the battery life.  9 hours for the small one and 12 hours for the larger one.

Additionally they introduced competition for Google Docs called iWork for iCloud.  It will allow you to create documents in your browser on both Mac and PC.

iRadio was also introduced.  The program is built into your music app and allows you to custom build your own radio station based upon your preferences.  It's free and takes direct aim at Pandora.

iOS 7.  It looks a lot like elements of everyone else's operating system.  It borrows a little from Android, the Windows phone and from Yahoo for the weather.  The reviews I read were very mixed.  Some said the look is elementary; some expressed happiness at all of the updates.  In particular, the swipe function to retrieve control settings.

And finally…Siri can now be changed to a male voice.  There you have it, the highlights of the Apple show.  When Siri gets a sex change, I'd say that they've made EVERY possible change that they could make.

Thanks to BusinessInsider for the recap of the show.