According to several sources Apple will release the 5S in two, if not three sizes.  The information comes in the form of “leaked information” from one of their suppliers, so it may or not be reliable.  Speculation about this has occurred before, but market conditions seem to indicate that these rumors may be on target.

As apple released a smaller iPad in 2012 (the mini), it stands to reason that different size iPhones may be in the works as well.

The big screen Samsung phone using the Android operating system is a huge hit.  And as much as Apple may have thought that it was too big; too clunky; sales around the globe indicate that many people are fans of the large screen size.  Given that by most standards the iPhone is superior to the Android models, a phone that competes with Samsung’s unique screen size would likely yield an increase in market share for Apple.

A few people have also speculated that a smaller iPhone could be in the works as well.  One that less than the current 4 inch screen and might cost less.  One that could compete with lower priced Android models.

My opinion on the subject is that the success of the big Samsung phone that uses the Android operating system has come to a surprise to apple.  It’s clear if they want to compete in units they’re going to have to offer different sizes and price levels to be the dominant world leader.