Luckily, very little stops the advance of technology, so our business continues to grow, thrive and improve along with the new technology.  But, not all of the technology directly impacts our business.  Some of it improves a part of our personal lives and that makes it worth knowing about.  So without further ado, what’s our first “can’t do without” piece of technology?

1.    Cell phones you can drop in the toilet.  Well actually, waterproof smartphones.  I have heard countless stories from people who have dropped their dropped their cell phones in a toilet, to which my question is always, “why do you need your cell phone when you’re at the toilet?”  But clearly I don’t understand the mindset of modern America.

Sony and Xperia are two companies that have introduced waterproof devices that can withstand certain amounts of water for certain lengths of time. 
Fujitsu for example uses waterproof seals to keep its tablets dry.  There are also substances, Luquipel is one, that you can coat any device with to provide a minimal amount of water protection.

It’s likely that in a few years that all devices will be shipped with waterproofing of some sort, but for now these products are fitting a niche

2.    New Apps. Hundreds of apps are designed and approved every day for iOS and Android.  Thanks to tech writers like Victor Hernandez of, we don’t have to sift through all of them. 
a.    Swiftkey for Android: If you got a case of “fat fingers” this program is a real upgrade for typing corrections.  Cost: $3.99
b.    Find. Eat. Drink.:  Restaurants are grouped by industry leaders, butchers, pitmasters and more.  Free app for iPhone.
c.    Vine:  A video sharing product from Twitter.  Produce and share six-second video pieces of content.  Free for iPhone.
d.    Hotel Tonight:  Need a hotel for tonight?  This is the place to go.  Hotels that are looking for guests for that night will offer huge discounts to fill the rooms.  This is the place to find them.  Free for Android and iPhone.
e.    Sunrise: Do you have events floating on Facebook and Google Calendar?  This app will group them and give you look at your day from both programs.  Also lists birthdays from Facebook.  Free for iPhone.

We’ll keep an eye out for more tech that can help improve your daily life.