As the debate over an increase in minimum wage continues, it’s important to look at the facts and see what the low end jobs are, where the new jobs are coming from and what they’re paying.

The average annual pay in America is $45,790, but according to a report published by the Bureau of Labor Statistics In March 2013, seven of the ten largest occupations pay less than $30,000 a year.  For example food prep workers which constitute the third largest employment category make $18,700 annually.  Cashiers and waiters earn about $21,000 annually.  Retail worker?  $25,300 is the average salary for them.

Of the most popular professions only registered nurses earn more than average, making $68,000 per year.

Median household income has dropped more than $4,000 a year since 2000.  The culprit?  Loss of middle income jobs and pay and replacement by low paying jobs.  The median hourly wage of the new jobs created in 2012?  $13.83.

The President wants to boost minimum wage to $9 per hour, but even this is unlikely to real relief to those on the low end.