There literally hundreds, if not thousands of apps created every day, so you really need to be good to stick around and actually get people to use you.  BusinessInsider recently published a list of apps that they currently can’t live without.  We’ve added a few of our own we think you’ll like too.  See if you agree.

1.    Seamless.  Order from your favorite restaurant on your way home and it will be delivered as you get there.  It requires just a few clicks and it’s much easier than keeping track of a menu and calling, etc.

2.    Clear.  A to-do app that you can customize.  An easy way to schedule your blog posts, meetings, back end website reviews, etc.  Keep track of personal things as well, from a grocery list to movies to add to your Netflix Queue.

3.    Card Munch.  Take a snapshot of a person’s business card and it’s stored in a cloud and ready for you the next time you need it by simply typing in the person’s name .

4.    Songza.  Choose music based on your mood or activity.  At the gym and want up beat?  Go to that activity on the app.  Riding home on the subway after a long day at work.  You probably want something smoother.  It’s all there on Songza.

5.    Zombies, Run!  Are you at the gym, on a stair climber and feeling yourself run out of gas?  Check out this app where you are chased by zombies.  That should reenergize you.

6.    SigAlert.  Want to check out the latest in traffic?  This is the place to do it.  Invaluable in Los Angeles.

7.    Bump.  You probably saw the commercial where two people bump their phones together and thereby share photos or contacts.  This is the program that allows that to happen.

Hopefully we’ve included one or two apps that you may find helpful or just plain fun.