This links you to a related article on the T3Leads site that relates the Chrome/Android story from the technology standpoint.

Google and privacy are in the news.  Big news in fact; federal lawsuit kind of big news.  They want to collect and possibly share user information across all of their services from search to YouTube to Google+.  With the release of Google Chrome for Android, another piece of the puzzle falls into place.

Google posted on their mobile blog that the new browser asks users to sign in with their Google account.  This synchronizes data across desktop and mobile.  Google says this allows users to, “take their personalized Web browsing experience with them wherever they go.”

One of the key issues with Google’s plans is how much information, and exactly what kind of information, they will be collecting.  Apparently plenty.

If you install Google Chrome on your Android you give them the ability to “read sensitive log data,” including personal information.  It also collects data on the URL’s you have visited, as well as your bookmarks.  They will then mix this up with your GPS location software and NFC (near field communication) data.

You can see why marketers would be hungry to get this information and that they’d be happy to fork up lots of dough to have access.  And as a result, this explains why Google is in such a hurry to make it a reality.